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The recording organ that George Wright had in his hollywood home has been gone for many years. There have been posts from people wondering what happened to the organ. It was broken up many years ago. Jack Doll, Jr of Logan Indiana got the console 2 years ago and it is in his studio there. Also in the chamber is George Wrights style D trumpet and quintadena.

This is the console from the Cincinnati Music Hall Ballroom dedicated 11/2009 More info at
this location.
Photo Courtesy of Larry Klug

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Organ Stop, San Diego, CA, Home of Allen organs, Lowrey organs and Kawai organs

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    Organ Stop, San Diego, CA, Home of Allen organs, Lowrey organs and Kawai organs
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    Interesting Scan of an enamel lapel badge which, was apparently commisioned by the British Wurlitzer distributor as a give-away item.
    Photo by Jan Girardot

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