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The Hammond Guy Plays Traditional Hammond organ on Youtube

The Hammond Organ Story- Biography of Laurens Hammond

The Hammond Organ Company 25th Anniversary History of Hammond

Hammond Organ Club of the Netherlands

Michael Cull has come out of retirement to present an online virtual reality organ concert on the Hammond A-100- Many great old numbers on the Hammond

Ethel Smith: Weird Organ Lady or Mondo Organista?

Leslie Speakers and Hammond Organs RUMORS, MYTHS, FACTS AND LORE Researched and compiled by Harvey Olsen

Nestor Astorga's X-66 Webpage

1946 Hammond Sales Brochure

Hammond X-66 Home Page

'Uncle Harvey's guide to Leslie pin-outs' - Lots of Schematics and Hammond Info

Some Pictures of the Hammond Novachord

See this Hammond C-3G model, originally sold to the Army in Turkey in the 1950's

Keyboards of the C-3G. There is a small speaker and internal monitor in the C-3G

Hammond X-66 Lovers- see the Paco de la Rosa X-66 page

Laurens Hammond at the Model A

Photo Scanned by

Can you Identify this Hammond played by Robin Richmond?
The picture of Robin Richmond is of a UK modified Hammond done by the then UK importers Boosey and Hawkes these were sold as "La-Fleur" so as not to lower the tone of Hammond in the classic market at the time!
--- Thanks

HAMMOND ORGAN ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS - A NEW METHOD of drawbar calculations by Paul Schnellbecher

Tim Wick's Hammond Drawbar WaveShape Simulator

Crazy Jan's Home Page from Germany

Hammond Organ Historical Society International

Check this out:

Keyboard Presents the Hammond Organ : Beauty in the B by Mark Vail

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I could not find anything negative and I could hear the B-3
playing while reading the book - (Canada)

I hate to be the one that said I told you so, but this book is the real thing.
It is the Hammond/Leslie bible - (New York)

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Visit the Scott Hawthorn, aka "Scott the Organ Freak" Home Page -
Contains never-before-heard private tapes of Groove Holmes and Jack McDuff

Joost Visser's Dutch Hammond Organ Site

Much Ado About Drawbars by Janet Dowsett,Organ Times Article Dec/Jan/98

Rules for Collecting/Restoring Hammonds

The Hammond XB-2 Technical Information Exchange
Updated Jan 1998 by Dave Fisher ~

Here is an interesting Hammond....An Aeolean/Hammond Player Organ.

Do you have an interesting Hammond? We would love to end up with a picture of every model of Hammond online. If you have a picture of yours, send it in!

How about a genuine factory Hammond that weighs only 4 lbs?

Looky Looky Here! What We Found on

A Must Have video in any Hammond Collection!!!

Bathing Beauty
, 1944, Red Skelton , Esther Williams , and Ethel Smith . Ethel plays the Hammond a couple of times in this one. Including Tico Tico.

The Hammond Colonnade

And here is a classic G-100 Hammond Church Organ

Also Found on Amazon.Com

Ed Wood
, 1994 Starring: Johnny Depp. A party scene features Korla Pandit, of all people, playing the Hammond, just like he did on TV in the fifties, when the film was set.

Here is a Hammond Wall Clock from days of old.
Courtesy of

The KRLD Radio, Dallas, Texas Studio Hammond 1939 model Hammond A/V. It was the studio organ for KRLD radio in Dallas Tx. In the 40s. Really growls. By the way, serial number on my A/V is 985. Data plate also mentions manufactured by the Hammond Clock Co for experimental purposes only.

Pages from the Past

Some pages scanned from an old Hammond Organ Catalog. Pages scanned by and courtesy of Dave Bradley

The Cover
About Hammond
Hammond- The Standard of Comparison
Drawbar and Tonewheel System
Other Reasons to buy a Hammond
The L-100 Series
Other L Models
The M-100 Series
Other M Models
The A-100 Series
Other A Models
A C-3 to Lust After
A B-3 to Lust After
D-100 and RT-3
Tone Cabinets and Reverb
The Hammond Chord Organ S-100
Decorating Tips
Hammonds are Everywhere
The Hammond Grand 100
Music's Most Glorious Voice

1964 Article in Hammond Times by Jimmy Smith About the Hammond

Vintage Organs:

Jan Bietzig of Essen Germany sent these pictures of his Hammonds:

Jan's C3

Jan's M100

Then, these shots are by John Ledwon of an A and a BC console-notice the lone white drawbar on the far right side above the stop/run switches. This controlled mixing of the two tone generators.

More Pictures -- some bum playing a Hammond CV:

The CV Console

Some Joe Playing the CV

The CV keyboards straight on

A Model C-2 in Ebony

Model 146116 Hammond sent this one of his T-500 Hammond sent this one of his RT-2 This RT-2 started life in a radio station in 1953 and came to him in the 1990's. Came complete with a VT122.

Great Closeup Photo of an RT-2 Hammond

Here are some pictures of Mike Sweeney's Hammond F-100. He received it in 1966 but it had been in a chapel for some time. This is all that is known about it .

Front of the Hammond F-100
BackFront of the Hammond F-100
Name Plate of the Hammond F-100

Other Hammond Places

Vintage Hammond Hire of Scotland
Determine your Hammond's Age with this handy information
Useful Tidbits related to the Hammond: Hammond Organ Information by Bruce Wahler
here are some other great HAMMOND pix on J-P Palmulaakso's Home Page Hammond-Leslie FAQ
HAMMOND PAGE! Hammond Organ Lovers Links from the Theatre Organ Page
Goff Proffessional - For all you Hammond Needs
Maryland Organ Service - Hammond Parts
Cool Hammond Page - by J-P Palmullaakso
Olaf's Hammond Page
Chopped Leslie
Dream of Owning a B-3 Fulfilled
Hammond Forum Mailing List
Hammond Technical Mailing List Archives and Subscription Information One of the Best Technical lists on the net.
The BTOC (B-3 Organ Company) Home Page

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